Scientific Professionals’ Scientific Academy organised in collaboration with Barts Health Pharmaceuticals, aims to assess and fully fund life science graduates to complete Barts Health’s Aseptic Techniques and Operations (AT&O) course.

The Barts Health course provides candidates with training in a variety of different aseptic techniques used in preparation of pharmaceutical products within a sterile environment. The training will aid in minimising risk to the product with regards to sterility and cross contamination. Whilst ensuring safety of the operator.

The course includes aspects such as:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Hygienic hand washing
  • Good practice of clean roomemma behaviours
  • Handing techniques of a variety of different materials from cytocix to genetically modified materials

The Scientific Academy is highly recommended for scientific graduates with qualifications from a variety of different specialisations including Microbiology, Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biomedical Science.

Completion of the course facilitates graduates for obtaining entry level roles such as QC Laboratory Assistant, Analytical Technician and Microbiology Scientist.

If are interested in attending the Scientific Academy, please fill in the form below to submit your CV.

Testimonials from Previous Scientific Academies

“This course was a great opportunity to get some real life, practical experience in understanding how pharmaceutical production industries work and operate. It has greatly improved my understanding of how accurate and precise these procedures need to be and why it is vital that every step of the method is done with precision. It doesn’t necessarily teach you all of the practical skills but more towards the knowledge behind why the pharmaceutical procedures are what they are in terms of sterility and aseptic techniques.

This course has been great to have for my future career. It was only one week after finishing this course that I managed to secure a job. It shows employers that you are still willing to learn and to do whatever it takes to get to the career of your choice.”

Emma Cash, BSc Biomedical Science Graduate

“The content of the course was extremely informative and wide spread, containing many aspects of science, from drug delivery to microbiology. As a Pharmacology graduate, my degree focused largely on drug delivery and diseases. However, the knowledge I gained about GMP and the standard aseptic techniques for the manufacture of products in clean rooms was truly fascinating as it is an area of science that I did not have much knowledge of before the course!

I think the training course will make my CV stand out whilst applying for jobs as it is linked to the Barts Health Pharmaceuticals name. It will also provide an interesting topic to be spoken about during interviews as not many graduates are given the opportunity to experience clean rooms and the high standard of behaviour that they require.”

Zaynab Ahmed, BSc Pharmacology Graduate