Cancer Research UK is aiming to establish a biotherapeutics powerhouse in London

The new Cancer Research UK City of London Centre has set its sights on a unique research focus, with the belief that biotherapeutics will become vitally important in future cancer treatments.

The centre aim to attract millions in capital investment and will boost the biotechnology economy in London as new companies are formed, and industry partners move in to translate the most promising discoveries into marketable therapies.

Biotherapeutics are any type of treatment that involves living cells. These therapies are based on biological processes in cells, which we can engineer to help fight cancer which can include therapeutic antibodies, cell based therapies, vaccines and gene therapies.

The work at CRUK is divided into three distinct programmes, which have the shared goal of better treatments for all cancers, including childhood cancers, and developing future leaders in cancer research.

The focus of programme 1 is developing new biological therapies. Programme 2 looks at how we can combine biotherapeutics with other methods to maximise the effects of treatment. Finally, programme 3 will focus on the evolution of cancer and how targeted biotherapies can be used to overcome rapid changes in tumour genetics.

 Source: LabNews