Portorn Biopharm aims to manufacture new class of IBD medication using gut bacteria spores

Chain Biotechnology company, Porton Biopharma and Scitech have acquired grant funding from Innovate UK to investigate the manufacture of a new class of medicines that target a range of clinical conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease through interaction with the human microbiome

Three leading British biotechnologies have obtained grant funding from Innovate UK to investigate the production of a new class of medicines, targeting a range of clinical conditions through interaction with the human microbiome.

The novel and highly innovative approach is to use spores derived from anaerobic bacteria (Clostridia) that are naturally found in our large intestines to deliver targeted anti- inflammatory therapeutics. Bacterial spores have resistance to acid, so when ingested in a tablet or capsule they are able to pass through  largely unscathed through the stomach before germinating and releasing the anti-inflammatory bio-actives to where it is needed in the colon, to treat chronic and debilitating inflammatory conditions, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

The concept has been proven in pre-clinical tests by the project consortium lead CHAIN Biotechnology, but until now a stumbling block has been the lack of a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the UK, able to scale-up and manufacture clostridial spore-based medicines to the required standard, following good manufacturing practice (GMP), needed for medicinal products for human testing and use.

Porton Biopharma with its knowledge and history of developing and producing bio-therapeutics from various spore-forming bacteria, and Scitech which specialises in design, engineering, construction and validation of facilities within the life-science sector will add their expertise.

Developing and testing the technological approach of microbiome targeted therapeutics, and being first in the market with an advanced medicine manufacturing capability and capacity required for such products, would see CHAIN Biotechnology and the UK taking a step closer to becoming world-leaders in this fast growing emerging health care area.

“The output of this feasibility project will support the business case for further investment in a dedicated advanced manufacturing facility for these breakthrough therapeutic products offering medical treatments and delivering real benefits for long-suffering patients.”

Said Dr Basil Omar CHAIN’s cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer.

Dr Roger Hinton, Porton Biopharma said: “This is an ideal fit for us given our history of developing biopharmaceuticals from spore formers, knowledge of GMP manufacture and specialised containment microbiology. We are very excited by the commercial potential.”

Source: Manufacturing Chemist