Scientific Professionals Launches the Scientific Academy



Scientific Professionals, part of the Clinical Professionals Group, are proud to announce the launch of the Scientific Academy in collaboration with Barts Health Pharmaceuticals.

Scientific Professionals will be assessing and fully funding some of the UK’s brightest scientific graduates to attend BHPs’ already established Aseptic Techniques and Operations (AT&O) course.

With the aim of ensuring UK graduates are provided with the best starting point for gaining a first to industry role. Scientific Professionals conduct an Assessment Day with prospective graduates, all of whom obtained a high grade for their respective scientific course. After the initial stage, successful candidates are then enlisted on the 7 working day AT&O course, held on site at BHPs facilities.

Scientific Professionals will not only support the initial training and assessment of prospective graduates for academy selection, but upon completion will also provide ongoing professional development once the graduates are placed within one of our many global pharmaceutical or biotech clients.

BHP’s AT&O course provides the graduates with a host of aseptic techniques required for the preparation of pharmaceutical products within a sterile environment. These techniques minimise the risk to the product in terms of sterility and cross contamination in addition to the safety of the operator.

The course covers elements from Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), hygienic hand washing and good practice of clean room behaviours to handling techniques of a variety of different materials from cytotoxic to genetically modified.

After the successful launch of the pilot, we are confident in the capabilities of our successful graduates and the service the Scientific Academy will provide the industry in the future.

“Right from the start of the Assessment Day, the graduates were polite, engaged and clearly passionate about science and the life sciences industry. Their participation in group and individual tasks was enthusiastic and each of them coped well with both scenarios. Having met the five graduates who were chosen for the actual AT&O course with Barts Health Pharmaceuticals, after the first 3 days, it was clear that they were all thoroughly enjoying it; learning a lot and exhausted from everything they were doing! Each of them understood how the exposure they were getting to GMP, clean room hygiene etc. would be vital to securing their first role in industry.”  Neil Aaron, Business Manager, Scientific Professionals.

“The group of grads Scientific Professionals sent me to teach were an absolute joy to work with. They were highly motivated, keen, curious, engaged, and extremely capable learners who ate up everything we put in front of them. They would be a great asset to any employer. I would have no hesitation recommending any of them and would also commend the work Scientific Professionals does in choosing, supporting, and preparing these young educated professionals for careers in the science industries.” Jude Davison BGS, PID, PG Cert HCL, Head of Professional Development at Barts Health Pharmaceuticals

For more information about the Scientific Academy or about the other services Scientific Professionals provides please contact or call 0207 822 1710


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