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  • Clinical Scientist

    Scientific Professionals
    Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Global Clinical Lead – Rome

    Scientific Professionals
    Europe, Italy, Rome
  • Global Clinical Lead – Frankfurt

    Scientific Professionals
    Germany, Europe, Frankfurt
  • Global Clinical Lead – Paris

    Scientific Professionals
    Europe, France, Paris
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Scientific and Engineering Recruitment

At Scientific Professionals we are committed to finding the best talent within the scientific marketplace. Our candidates play a key role in developing cutting-edge treatments, diagnostics and future therapies.

Our experience spans the full product life cycle - from innovation to manufacturing - and guarantees an in-depth understanding of both client and candidate requirements. Additionally we have expert knowledge of the Regulatory sector with first hand knowledge of GMP, ISO and FDA guidelines at all levels. Mirroring the dynamics of this marketplace our consultants work quickly and efficiently to identify and assess the right person, at the right time, in the right location.

Scientific Professionals have the capability and resource to cover key markets throughout Europe, and with our country specific consultant teams we have unrivaled access to Local Market Knowledge and Country Specific Networks, a structure which reduces lead times and guarantees a rapid and effective service.

Our teams are comprised of Senior Consultants who have acquired degree level qualifications in Scientific or Engineering disciplines and have a wealth of experience in recruiting for roles at all levels within the Scientific and Engineering sectors.

Recent News

microscope and slide

Scientist develop new method to “listen in” on cancer cells

Through new research, CRUK scientists have uncovered a new technique to decipher how millions of individual cells are communicating with each other in miniature lab grown tumours. The study marks the first-time scientists have been able to analyse many different signalling molecules at once in individual cells within replicas of patients’ tumours. By understanding how

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New 3D skin printer can assist with the healing of large burns

A new handheld 3D printer can deposit sheets of skin to cover large burn wounds and its “bio-ink” can increase the healing process. Developed by a team of researchers from the University of Toronto Engineering and Sunnybrook Hospital, the device covers wounds with a uniform sheet of biomaterial, stripe by stripe. The bio-ink dispensed by

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