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  • QA Manager

    Scientific Professionals
    Buckinghamshire, UK
  • Quality Systems Associate

    Scientific Professionals
    UK, Herefordshire
  • Senior Quality Engineer

    Scientific Professionals
    UK, Warwickshire
  • Group Leader – Fermentation

    Scientific Professionals
    Cambridgeshire, UK
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Scientific and Engineering Recruitment

At Scientific Professionals we are committed to finding the best talent within the scientific marketplace. Our candidates play a key role in developing cutting-edge treatments, diagnostics and future therapies.

Our experience spans the full product life cycle - from innovation to manufacturing - and guarantees an in-depth understanding of both client and candidate requirements. Additionally we have expert knowledge of the Regulatory sector with first hand knowledge of GMP, ISO and FDA guidelines at all levels. Mirroring the dynamics of this marketplace our consultants work quickly and efficiently to identify and assess the right person, at the right time, in the right location.

Scientific Professionals have the capability and resource to cover key markets throughout Europe, and with our country specific consultant teams we have unrivaled access to Local Market Knowledge and Country Specific Networks, a structure which reduces lead times and guarantees a rapid and effective service.

Our teams are comprised of Senior Consultants who have acquired degree level qualifications in Scientific or Engineering disciplines and have a wealth of experience in recruiting for roles at all levels within the Scientific and Engineering sectors.

Recent News

New breast cancer risk test could revolutionise early diagnosis

Scientific researchers have potentially developed a  new test, described as being  “game-changing” to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Cancer Research UK has stated that the test combines information on family history and hundreds of genetic markers with other factors, such as weight, to give the most comprehensive assessment possible. However the test is

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field grass meadow

Scientific Professionals CPIA Report – Quality Assurance

Scientific Professionals, part of the Clinical Professionals Group, aims to be aware of the latest industry events and news whilst also aspiring to be at the forefront of the latest analytics and reporting. As a result we have collaborated with Vacancysoft to create monthly reports that provide an in-depth analysis of vacancies across various sectors,

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German researchers create artificial synapse from nanowire memristor

German scientists have built an artificial synapse from nanowires that is able to replicate functions of biological synapses. The component, which was developed by a team at Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen Universities, has the ability to save and process information and receive numerous signals in parallel, making it suited to bio-inspired “neuromorphic” processors in

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